Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Flood Monitoring

Traditional smoke detectors work great while you are home, but what good are they if you’re out of the house when a fire starts? Chances are by the time a neighbor notices the smoke, you will have already lost a large percentage of your property. Monitored smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors can be monitored through your Cornhusker security system at no additional monthly cost.

Monitored smoke and CO detectors are also a wonderful solution for pet owners. Obviously, your pet isn’t going to be able to get out of the house if there was an emergency, but your Cornhusker security system could dispatch the fire department for you.

Some homes already have an extensive, hard-wired network of smoke detectors installed. In these situations, as opposed to replacing every single smoke detector, we install one of our Fire Fighter sensors. A fire fighter is installed next to one of your existing smoke detectors and listens for any sirens. If you existing smokes were to go into alarm, the Fire Fighter would hear and relay the signal to the panel.

The other great thing to monitor through your security system is flooding. Our flood sensor is the perfect addition to homes with a sump pump. Often times during a severe storm, homes will lose power. This will cause your sump pump to stop working while it is heavily raining. Your flood sensor is installed at the top of your sump pump pit and will send a signal if the water level reaches the metal prongs. Because your Qolsys Security panel features a backup battery, your system will still notify you of rising water levels, even without power to the home.