Control Lights, Locks, Thermostats, Garage Door Openers and more. Create scenes triggered by events or spoken commands. Compatible with Alexa and Google Homekit.

Ever wish your lights would just turn themselves on? Easily make this a reality with the Qolsys IQ lightbulbs. When paired with motion detectors or door contacts, your smart security panel will know where you are on the property and ensure your room is lit.

Why Pay for heating or cooling a room when no one is in it? Program your Qolsys smart panel to recognize when you are home or away and regulate the temperature accordingly. Individual temperature sensors can even be placed in different rooms to ensure everyone in comfurtable.

Want to always have complete control over who has access to your property? Pair our smart locks with your system. This will allow you to lock/unlock your doors from anywhere. In addition, personalized codes can be programed and assigned so you know exactly who is coming and going.