Security Cameras and Video Surveillance – Lincoln

Security Cameras and Video Surveillance – Lincoln

Our Video Doorbells, Outdoor Security Cameras, Indoor Security Cameras and Video Recorders can send you video alerts whenever unexpected activity is detected, or look in anytime for peace of mind.  These advanced cameras even use advanced analytics to distinguish between vehicles, people , and animals. Take a look at the video below to see how our cameras can fully integrate with your Lincoln security monitoring system or security monitoring in Omaha. Outdoor IP Camera

One of the greatest ways to achieve peace of mind is to always have eyes on the outside of your property. Imagine being able to quickly scan all sides of your home when you hear a noise at night, or remotely check in on your business after hours. This camera is your ideal solution for your outdoor video surveillance Omaha or video surveillance Lincoln needs. Infrared LEDs allow for night vision and advanced analytics reduce false alerts by distinguishing between vehicles, people , and animals.  For flexibility these cameras can be connected via ethernet or over wi-fi.


<img class="size-medium wp-image-1889 alignright" src="" alt="Video Surveillance Lincoln" width="300" height="300" srcset=" 300w, 150w, 768w, 1024w, 70w, 600w, 100w, 1400w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px"> Indoor IP Camera

Take your monitoring a step further and have eyes and ears on the inside of your property! Whether it watching kids, pets or employees, this surveillance camera will meet your security cameras needs in Lincoln, Omaha and surrounding areas.  The camera actually has two way audio so you can talk to people right through the camera. The indoor security camera also features a sleek, compact, and stylish design, perfect for discrete mounting indoors. Video Recorder

In addition to being able to capture video clips of important events, you ADC-SVR122-500GB 8 Channel NVR - 500GBmight also want to enable 24/7 recording as well.  For this, we have the stream video recorder.  This Security Camera Recorder comes in both residential and commercial versions with up to 12 TB of storage which could hold over a year’s worth of video footage.

Video Enabled Smart Home

These cameras amplify the effectiveness of your security system in other ways as well.  For example, you could create a rule that said “If the alarm is set and motion is detected in my driveway at night, send me a text message and turn on the house lights”.  another example would be to take a video clip each time your security system is disarmed or when an employee  enters the building using the card reader.

A security system Omaha or a alarm monitoring system in Lincoln without cameras is drastically under utilizing its full potential. One of the quickest ways for a user to verify a false alarm is to check their video. Say for example you are away from home and your basement door is triggered. Without cameras, you would immediately have the police dispatched. But now lets picture having a camera in your back yard. The motion detector would trigger the camera and send you a clip showing it was your child coming home from school early.

Another potential scenario in alarm monitoring Lincoln or alarm monitoring Omaha is when a break in actually occurs. If you have active indoor cameras, you can monitor exactly where in the house the intruder is and give law enforcement better intelligence and often a more effective dispatch.