24/7 Professional Security Alarm Monitoring

Starting at just $32.95, our Central Station is connected to your security system using powerful Dual-Path communication that utilizes both a dedicated cellular channel and your wi-fi network. When an alarm is triggered we will contact your verification numbers to determine whether or not to dispatch. If we do, we’ll let the authorities know where the alarm originated to help them secure your home.

The Qolsys IQ motion detector searches for infrared body heat at a range of up to 35″. Its sleek and low profile design makes it ideal for mounting in corners of high-traffic areas within your home. Motion detectors are perfect for systems where maybe not every window is covered. This way even if an intruder gets clever and climbs through a window, the motion would pick them up moving through your home. In addition, even if you have sensors on every entry point, a motion would serve to detect if someone had snuck in while you were home. The IQ motion has a built-in “pet friendly” setting, allowing for pets up to 40 lbs to not trigger an alarm even when your system is armed. Lastly, motion detectors can also be quite useful for home automation solutions. Our smart lights can be programed to turn on when motion is detected in a given room.