Medical Monitoring

If you or a loved one have any health conditions which may require emergency medical help at a moments notice, our medical panic button can be a great safeguard.

The Qolsys IQ pendant is wearable as a watch or on a lanyard. It is water resistant and effective up to 100′ from the Security System Panel, including outdoors. For those who do not wish to wear the pendant, we can also mount these panic buttons anywhere in your home. In addition, our Qolsys IQ panel also comes equipped with a built in medical panic button as can be seen below.

All though traditionally, security systems were designed to keep intruders out, all of the same technology can be used to monitor if a loved one is doing okay inside the home. Cornhusker Security can design a custom system to notify you when there is regular movement inside a home, without the use of cameras. Motion detectors and door contacts can detect if your loved one gets up and moves throughout the house in the morning. For example, if your parent wakes up and opens the fridge every morning for breakfast, we could mount a door contact on the fridge. This way, in the event its noon and the fridge hasn’t been opened, you could stop by to check in. Cornhusker Security prides ourselves on helping elderly retain their independence and safely stay in their home for longer.