Perimeter Detection For While You’re Home

When you’re home at night, it is very comforting to know when people are coming and going. Our perimeter detection sensors provide solutions to monitor any possible point of entry on your home.

A Garage door tilt sensor features a sliding ball baring enclosed in a case. The sensor is simply attached to the back side of your garage door. When the garage door opens, the ball bearing rolls to complete the circuit and notifies the panel the garage door is open.

Door/Window contacts consist of a magnet and a transmitter. The transmitter is mounted on the frame of a door or window, then the magnet on the door/window itself. When the door/window opens, the circuit is completed and the transmitter sends a signal to the panel.

Glass-break detectors are programed to detect the exact frequency of breaking glass. If you have any large windows or sliding glass doors which may be broken without opening, these devices are a great solution.