You Can Now Control Your Security System With Amazon Echo

You Can Now Control Your Security System With Amazon Echo

Not only has the user interface with security panels improved drastically the past few years, now you might not need to touch your panel at all!

The Amazon Echo is a listening device and speaker which connects to WiFi, Bluetooth and z-wave devices. Through voice commands, you can control any other connected device in your home. The Echo is available for as little as $50 (available here) and currently features over 50,000 programmed commands.

Our Qolsys IQ2 Security System Panel powered by is also WiFi, Bluetooth and Z-Wave compatible. Echo can communicate directly with the panel and give your security system commands. This way, you can enjoy both the automation capabilities of your security system, and the convenience of your Amazon Echo. For example, with the Qolsys panel, you can have your thermostat automatically turn off while you’re gone and set to your preferred temperature when you’re home. But lets say you’re home on the couch, watching your favorite TV show and you’re abit chilly. If you state “Alexa, ask to turn the thermostat to 73 degrees,” you wont even need to leave your seat.

This has a plethora of other applications. Through voice commands you can now arm/disarm your system, turn lights on & off, Open or close your garage door and Lock/unlock door bolts. On top of that, you can also control devices like smart TV’s, speakers and your phone which connect to the Echo directly.

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I am a University of Nebraska Alum who has been previously working as Director of Operations for Shield Security systems out of Kansas City. I am excited and privileged to be brining my knowledge and experience back home to keep Lincoln safe.

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